Qatar Central Bank Issues Treasury Bills worth QAR 600 Million for July 2019


July 03, 2019


As part of Qatar Central Bank's efforts to develop the state’s monetary policy and increase its effectiveness, contribute to the stability of the banking and financial system, as well as activate the tools of the open market as a pillar of monetary policy, and as part of the implementation of the mechanisms of coordination between the financial and monetary policies; Qatar Central Bank (QCB) issued on Tuesday, July 2nd 2019, treasury bills for three, six and nine months, with a value of QAR 600 million, distributed as follows:


-        QAR 300 million for three months at an interest rate of 2.07% 


-        QAR 200 million for six months at an interest rate of 2.22%


-        QAR 100 million for nine months at an interest rate of 2.23%


The issuance is part of a series of issues executed by Qatar Central Bank on behalf of the Government of the State of Qatar and in accordance with the schedule prepared by both Qatar Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance. Treasury bills are issued through auction for banks operating in Qatar.