WOQOD Launches:  ‘Sailiya 2’ Station, 2 Mobile Stations and Expands ‘Markhiya’ Station



1 January 2020


Part of its strategic plan aimed at the expansion of its petrol station network to cover all districts within the State, WOQOD has launched the new Sailiya fixed petrol station ‘Sailiya 2’, expanded Markhiya Petrol station and launched two other mobile stations in the Pearl and South Aamriya. The new launch took place on Wednesday, 1 January 2020 raised the Company’s stations network to 96 of fixed and mobile petrol stations.


Mr. Saad Rashid Al Muhannadi, WOQOD’s, Managing Director and CEO commented on the new launches saying “we are delighted today with the launch of Sailiya 2 station and the expansion of the Markhiya station aiming at meeting the increased demand of our valued customers in these areas”. He confirmed that these new launches came in line with WOQOD’s ambitious strategies to expand station network and facilitate access. In addition, the company targets to maintain the supply to meet the increased demand on petrol products at high quality service within all the regions of the country. Al Muhannadi further expressed the Company’s thanks and gratitude to all concerned parties who contributed to the success of these vital projects.


It is worth noting that Sailiya 2 station is spread over 10,000sqm and has 3 lanes and 9 dispensers for light vehicles while Markhiya Petrol Station is spread on 5,300sqm and has 7 lanes and 7 dispensers for light vehicles.

Sailiya 2 Station provides customers with 24 hours service including car service center, LPG cylinders store ‘Shaffaf’ and Sidra shopping Store. Markhiya likewise provide customers with its around-the-clock services in addition to Shaffaf center and Sidra Store.

Al Muhannadi added “WOQOD is currently working on 16 additional station projects most of which to open within the first quarter 2020”.