Qatar Insurance Group Appoints Mr. Salem Al Mannai Group’s CEO from January 2020


13 January 2020


Qatar Insurance Group announced that it has appointed Mr. Salem Khalaf Al Mannai in the position of ‘Group’s Chief Executive Officer’ effective January 2020.

On this occasion, Mr. Khalifa bin Abdullah Turki Al Subaie, Group’s President said “this appointment comes following Mr. Salem Al Mannai’s occupancy of several senior positions within the group last of which was ‘Group’s Deputy CEO’, and based on Al Mannai’s contributions to the successes of the Group.

“The Board of Directors approved the recommendation submitted to it by its Policy & Regulatory Committee in relation to the executive management positions succession plan and the new organizational chart valid from January 2020. This approach comes in line with entrusting more senior positions to the new generation of the Qatari youth and for guaranteeing smooth succession processes” Al Subaie added.

It is worth-mentioning that Mr. Salem Al Mannai has a master’s degree from South Wales University, United Kingdom and has occupied several senior positions within the company starting from personal insurance sector to power, marine and cargo sector. In 2013, Al Mannai occupied the position of vice president of QLM for Life and Health Insurance then has become its CEO. He was appointed Group’s vice president and CEO for MENA and international markets in 2015. Al Mannai has contributed well to the success of Qatar Insurance Group to become a leading company in MENA and international markets.