WOQOD Launches Umm Al-Seneem Petrol Station (Ain Khaled -2)…  Total Number of Fixed and Mobile Stations Raised to 99


14 January 2020

As part of its strategic plan that focuses on expanding its network of stations for the sake of providing services to all parts of the country, Qatar Fuel opened Umm Al-Seneem Station (Ain Khaled -2) on Monday 13 January 2020. Thus, the total number of its fixed and mobile stations raised to 99.


On this occasion, Mr. Saad Rashid Al Muhannadi, Woqod’s CEO and Managing Director, stated, "we are pleased today to open Umm Al Seneem Station (Ain Khaled -2), to meet the needs of our valued customers in this neighborhood and its surrounding vicinities”. He emphasized that the opening of this new station would translate WOQOD’s ambitious plans to expand its network of stations to meet the growing demand for petroleum products in the local market, and to ensure the provision of high-quality products and services to all customers across the country. Moreover, Al muhannadi expressed the company's gratitude and appreciation to all entities and bodies of relevance that have contributed, and still contribute, in the accomplishment of Woqod’s vital projects.

 ​​Umm Al-Seneem station (Ain Khaled -2) covers an area of 20000 square meters, and it contains 3 lanes with 9 dispensers to serve the customers coming from Umm Al-Seneem / Ain Khaled and from the neighboring vicinities.


Umm Al-Seneem Station provides customers with around-the-clock services, including Sidra Convenience Store, Manual car wash services, Oil Change and Tire Repair as well as the sale of LPG cylinders "Shafaf" through distribution centers. In addition to that, it provides all types of petroleum products for light vehicles.


Al-Muhannadi added that Qatar Fuel is currently overseeing the implementation of 13 new fuel stations, most of which will be opened in the first quarter of 2020.