Consumer Price Index in Qatar Falls by 0.33% in December 2019

14 January 2020

The Planning and Statistics Authority issued the Consumer Price Index for December 2019. This index reached 108.26 points (calculated on the base year 2013). By this percentage, the index recorded a rise of 0.46% in comparison with November 2019, and a decrease of 0.33% in comparison with the same month (December 2018) for the year 2018.


The comparison of December 2019 with December 2018 (the annual change), shows a fall in the overall index of 0.33%; it is the outcome of the declines occurred in five consumer categories: the group of recreation and culture (2.89%), then come the group of  housing, water, electricity, gas and the other types of fuel (2.61%), the group of transportation (2.17%), the group of communication (0.11%), and the group of health (0.07%).


However, and as for the annual surges, they occurred in seven groups: the tobacco group by 127.19%, followed by the group of other goods and services by 3.46%, the group of clothing and shoes (by 3.05%), the group of restaurants and hotels (by 1.74%), the group of food and beverage (by 0.98%), and the group of education (by 0.93%), and the group of furniture and household appliances (by 0.02%).