Continuity Manager
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Job description

About The Group


The Group is the first investment company in Qatar since 1996, and it is licensed by the Qatar Financial Markets Authority, and a member of the Qatar Stock Exchange. Its shareholders' equity exceeds 1.5billion Qatari riyals.

Our trading over the past 10 years has exceeded 30% of the total market share.

Job Description


1.         Implement of the instructions and decisions of the continuity of The Group or any organization with regulatory authority.

2.         Assess disruption risks of each service provided by The Group and its impact on the overall business.

3.         Find and implement solutions that ensure continuity.

4.         Develop continuity plans to deal with accidents and problems when / after they occur.

5.         Lead, check and test continuity plans.

6.         Apply rules of continuity in The Group through training and orientation of employees.

7.         Obtain independent certificates of continuity.

8.         Continuity includes:

a)               Services: which are provided to the end user.

b)              Hardware: computer, server, printer, networks, etc.

c)                Software: programs, software services installed on servers, databases, etc.

d)              Documents: all kinds of stored materials.



1.         Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

2.         At least 10 years’ experience in continuity.

3.         Strong risk management skills.

4.         Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team.

5.         Strong communication skills.

6.         Preference will be given to holders of certificates in continuity, services and operations management, or risk management.

Job Benefits

Basic Salary 21,000 QAR
Nature of the work allowance 3,000 QAR
Transportation allowance 3,000 QAR
Accommodation allowance 8,000 QAR
Air tickets Annual Return Ticket
Relocation Allowance One Month upon receiving the job as a one time transfer fee