Continuous Murabaha Credit Cards

The card could be used at sale points, for cash withdrawal or internet shopping. The repayment of the good and services received by the customer is divided into installment, plus a margin of profit. Monthly instalment should not be less than 6% of the total payable amount.

The credit card of the Group's Card Services (Continuous Murabaha Card) is compliant with the Islamic Sharia; it is guided by oursharia consultant sheikh Dr. Ali Muhi Al-Din Al-QurahDaghi.

Why should you go for The Group's Continuous Murabaha Card?

  • Grace period up to 40 days.
  • Credit limit is up to 6 times the net income.
  • The customer pays a Murabaha (profit) only for the actual use of the card.
  • Flexible monthly instalments, with 6% of the outstanding balance as the minimum payable (monthly) instalment.
  • Multiple ways are offered for the repayment of outstanding balance:
    • Paying directly at the headquarter of The Group Cards Services
    • Paying the outstanding amount through the Group's website using the customer's private bank card.
    • Directly from the customer's bank account, after his written approval.
    • Directly from the customer's account at the Group Securities.
    • Directly to the Group's account for Card Services at banks.
  • Cards are instantly issued.
  • Credit cane be used immediately.
  • 3D protection for online transactions.
  • Ability to track your balance and transactions instantly on the internet.
  • Monthly e-statement.
  • No need to transfer salary.
  • Prompt sms sent out upon any transaction or change in the customer's account.

Murabaha Cards are of 3 types:

  • MasterCard Gold: Granted if the credit limit, is less than QAR 10,000 with an a annual issuance fees of QAR 400.
  • MasterCard Platinum: Granted if the credit limit, between the range of QAR 10,000 & QAR 29,999 with an annual issuance fees of QAR 600.
  • MasterCard World: Granted if the credit limit, is QAR 30,000 and more with an a annual issuance fees of QAR 800.
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