Qatar Stock Exchange to Effect MSCI Interim Review Result by Market Close Next Tuesday

23 November 2019


Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) announced that the interim review results made by Morgan Stanley Capital International index for the emerging markets (MSCI) which was announced on 07 November 2019, will be effected in the exchange upon the market close next Tuesday. The review results made by MSCI were as follows:

Additions to MSCI index                 :           Qatar International Islamic Bank

Deletions from MSCI index             :           None

It is worth-noting that additions, deletions or re-rating of corporations by international indexes agencies is subject to several measurements and factors. Most importantly is the investable capital, stakes liquidity, average cycling on a monthly/yearly basis. Another factor is company’s readiness for conducting semi-annual reviews by respective agencies determining its position either by giving the same rating, or upgrading or downgrading the rating, or deleting or adding new rated firms.

Normally, the re-rating of companies by international indexes agencies affects the appetite, positively or negatively, of the international investors, funds’ managers and funds’ portfolios to trade on the stakes. Adding, deleting, upgrading or downgrading would result in high volumes of trading by investors where we can observe active trading on the added or deleted stakes.