Qatar Woqod holds the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting on 16/02/2022 for the year 2022


Qatar Fuel Company announced the invitation of the General Assembly of the Extraordinary General Assembly to convene on 16/02/2022, via modern technology means at WOQOD Tower at exactly 04:30 pm., by means of modern technology in WOQOD Tower at 07:00 pm.
Approving of the proposed amendments to the company’s articles of association (detailed on the Qatar Fuel Company website, link: to comply with the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law No. 11 of 2015 amended by Law No. 8 of 2021.
Amending Article Nine of the Articles of Association to raise the percentage of non-Qatari ownership in the company’s capital to 100%, pursuant to a Cabinet decision issued in April 2021.

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