Baladna signs a memorandum of understanding with two Indonesian companies to cooperate in the field of milk and dairy products

Baladna Q.P.S.C. signed a Memorandum of Understanding with two Indonesian companies, Messrs. / Perkabunan Nusantara III LLC specialized in crop processing and agricultural activities and Messrs. / Perdicari LLC specialized mainly in agricultural infrastructure and services Farm management system, in order to enhance cooperation and exchange of information and experiences in order to identify, evaluate and launch projects related to the livestock breeding sector in Indonesia with the aim of reducing dependence on importing food products and developing its agricultural and animal industries by building an infrastructure for livestock breeding in Indonesia that can be relied upon for the benefit of promoting Food security.
It is worth noting that Baladna has previously concluded similar agreements with leading companies in the Philippines and Malaysia, as part of the company's efforts in the production of milk and dairy products to expand its successful business model in other countries and enhance global food security.

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