Qatar Investment Authority announces the allocation of an amount of up to one billion Qatari riyals to establish a permanent market-making program on the Qatar Stock Exchange

Following the successful launch and initial implementation of the market making initiative launched by the Qatar Investment Authority in September 2022, Qatar Investment Authority is pleased to announce today the launch of a permanent market making program on the Qatar Stock Exchange.
Given that the Qatar Stock Exchange witnessed in 2022 the largest foreign investment inflows in its history, Qatar Investment Authority is committed to allocating an amount of up to one billion Qatari riyals to establish a permanent market-making program to support the continuation of this momentum and contribute to the growth of the Qatari economy. Qatar Investment Authority's commitment is in line with the policy of developing the competitiveness of the Qatari economy.
The program is scheduled to continue over the next five years and will cover 90% of the market capitalization listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange. The program provides incentives for trading in the form of discounting trading costs for authorized market makers.
The permanent program will help enhance liquidity in the market, improve price discovery mechanisms, and increase investor confidence, as the program will contribute to attracting more foreign asset managers to invest in Qatar and stimulate their participation on the other hand, which leads to the diversification and expansion of financial markets in the State of Qatar.
It is noteworthy that the Qatar Stock Exchange is also working in the context of its strategy to attract more listings, improve environmental, social and institutional sustainability disclosures, list more exchange traded funds, and launch a derivatives market, with the aim of helping investors diversify their investment portfolios. In the context of its strategy, Qatar Stock Exchange is working on a number of initiatives to enhance liquidity and is cooperating closely with Qatar Financial Markets Authority and Qatar Central Securities Depository Company to achieve this important goal.
The Market Making Program covers 90% of the volume of shares listed on the Qatar Exchange, and currently includes QNB Financial Services and The Group Securities as authorized market makers on Qatar Stock Exchange.

Information about Qatar Investment Authority:
The Qatar Investment Authority is the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar. The Qatar Investment Authority was established in 2005 to invest and manage the state's reserve funds. The Qatar Investment Authority is one of the largest and most active sovereign wealth funds in the world. The Qatar Investment Authority invests in a wide range of asset classes and in partnerships with leading institutions around the world, with the aim of building a global and diversified investment portfolio with a long-term perspective that can achieve sustainable returns and contribute to the prosperity of the State of Qatar.
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Information about the Qatar Stock Exchange:
The Qatar Stock Exchange was established in 1995 and officially commenced operations in May 1997. Since that time, the market has developed into one of the most important stock exchanges in the Gulf region. And in 2014, the Qatar Stock Exchange was one of the first in the region to be upgraded to an emerging market on the MSCI indices. The Qatar Stock Exchange currently includes 47 listed companies, with a market value (end of August 2022) of about 750 billion Qatari riyals (205 billion US dollars). The main objective of the stock exchange is to support the Qatari economy by providing investors with a platform through which they can conduct trading operations with integrity and efficiency. The stock exchange also enables the public investors to obtain market and trading data and ensures that the listed companies disclose their data properly about trading. The Qatar Stock Exchange is subject to the supervision of the Qatar Financial Markets Authority as a regulatory body that supervises the activities of the stock exchange.
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