The Qatar Stock Exchange concludes a campaign in New York to promote listed Qatari companies and introduce the advantages of investing in the

The Qatar Stock Exchange in New York concluded a promotional campaign aimed at introducing the Qatari companies listed on it and informing the international investment community of the advantages of investing in the shares of these companies. This promotional campaign was held over two days (November 20 and 21) at the Bank of America headquarters in New York. It comes within the context of the Qatar Stock Exchange's strategy aimed at expanding the investor base, attracting more foreign investments, and demonstrating the strength and potential of the capital markets in the State of Qatar.
  Through this forum, fund managers and international investment institutions held many meetings with representatives of a number of major Qatari companies listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange, which include QNB, Commercial Bank, Qatar Islamic Bank, Masraf Al Rayan, Dukhan Bank, Mesaieed Holding Company, Industries Qatar Company, Gulf International Services Company, and Qatar Industrial Company. Aluminum and tanker company.
On this occasion, Mr. Abdulaziz Nasser Al-Emadi, Acting CEO of the Qatar Stock Exchange, expressed his satisfaction with the keenness of Qatari listed companies to develop their relations with international investment entities looking to invest in the Qatar Stock Exchange. He pointed out that promotional tours to introduce the advantages of investing in the Qatar Stock Exchange market are an essential part of the stock exchange’s strategy aimed at developing a diverse base of local and international investors in a way that contributes to the development of the financial markets in the State of Qatar, stressing the importance of introducing investment opportunities in the Qatari economy and the developments witnessed by the markets. Finance in the State of Qatar and developments in its infrastructure that will make portfolio investments more efficient.
Mr. Al Emadi pointed out that these initiatives come in the context of the stock exchange’s commitment to enhancing access for Qatari companies to global financial markets, adding that the Qatar Stock Exchange seeks to move to the next phase of its strategy aimed at developing the range of products and services provided to local, regional and international investors. He pointed out that raising the foreign ownership limits (FOL) in listed Qatari companies contributes to attracting foreign investments, especially since these foreign ownership limits have now reached 100 percent in most major companies.
Mr. Abdul Aziz said, “While the World Cup and the associated comprehensive infrastructure development process were the focus of everyone’s attention, Qatar is now embarking on a new phase of growth driven by an increase in its production of liquefied natural gas, as the North Field expansion project will increase the production capacity of 77 million tons per year to 126 million tons per year, which means that by 2029, Qatar will provide about 40% of all new global supplies of liquefied natural gas.”
The forum provided American and international investors with the opportunity to evaluate investment opportunities with leading companies in Qatar, which reflects the increasing trend of international investment institutions to invest in Qatari capital markets, in which foreign institutional investors represent 30% of the average daily trading volume. Officials of the Qatar Stock Exchange and the companies participating in the campaign held several successful meetings over the days of the forum with managers of the largest portfolios and investment institutions in the world, during which they were informed of the developments that occurred in the Qatari economy and the work of those companies and the results they achieved during the past few years.

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