Qatar Islamic Insurance: The AGM Endorses items on its agenda

Qatar Islamic Insurance announces the results of the AGM. The meeting was held on 24/03/2024 and the following resolution were approved.
This is to inform you that the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting for the Qatar Islamic Insurance Group has been held on Sunday 24.3.2024, the quorum was achieved and the following resolutions was approved :
Ordinary General Assembly Meeting Resolutions:
1- Approval of the report of the Board of Directors for the Year Ended 31.12.2023.
2- Approval of the report of the Shari'a Supervisory Board for the Year Ended 31.12.2023.
3- Approval of the Independent Auditors' report on the Group's financial statements presented by the Board of Directors and his report on the internal control over financial reporting and the compliance with the principles of governance for the Financial Year ended 31.12.2023 .
4- Approval of the Policyholders and Shareholders' Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31.12.2023. And approved of the recommendation made by the Board of Directors to distribute cash dividends equaling 50 % of the shares nominal value i.e. QR 0,50 per share for the Year Ended 31.12. 2023
5- Absolving the Board of Directors of all responsibility and granting their remunerations for the Financial Year 2023.
6- Approval of the report of the Governance for the year 2023 Including transaction with related parties.
7- Opening the door to receive questions, inquiries, and topics not included on the agenda from the shareholders.
8- Approval appointing M/S. K P M G as the Company's new Independent Auditors for the Financial Year 2024.

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