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Margin Trading

What is margin trading?

Is the activity in which The Group Securities Company pays a percentage of the market value of shares purchased by the client in accordance with the agreement signed by the client.

What are the advantages of Margin Trading?

  • Free financing, without any fees for a period of 7(seven) working days.
  • The Investor pays only 60% of the value of shares to be purchased and The Group pays the remaining amount.
  • Compliant with Sharia law, where there are no fees or interest on the transaction.
  • The investor gets a rebate commission and speculation reward for trading in the margin account.

How to trade in Margin?

The client gets a credit limit equal to 66% of assets in his account,for example, if the value of the investor’s assets (which include cash and shares in the margin) equal QR100,000, he can place buy orders with the value of QR 166,000.

Are shares deposited with the financier as a mortgage?

Funded shares are not pledged; the investor can sell the shares at any time directly via the electronic trading system.

Does the financier get the profits of the funded shares?

The investor gets all cash dividends and bonus shares for shares in the margin account as well as getting all rights of shares, such as voting in the general assemblies, rights issue andselling subscription rights.

What are the shares allowed for margin trading?

Margin trading is allowed for only shares listed in QSE index as shown in the table.

How to open a margin trading account?

The Investor should come to The Group headquarters to sign the Margin Trading Agreement.

What are the conditions for granting margin to the investor?

  • If the investor has an account with The Group then he can open a margin trading account, and if he has no account with The Group, he can open margin trading account when opening an account at The Group.
  • The investor should be a natural or legal person and does not have an agent or guardian.
  • Age should not be less than 22 calendar years.
  • Investor must be holding a valid ID card and margin trading is allowed for Qatarisand residents.

Shares allowed for margin trading:

Company Code Arabic Name English Name
QNBK الوطني ب QNB
IQCD الصناعات Industries Qatar
MARK الريان ب Rayyan B
IGRD استثمار Investment Holding Group
QIBK المصرف ب QIB
ORDS Ooredoo Ooredoo
QEWS كهرباء و ماء Electricity & Water
BRES بروه Barwa
QGTS ناقلات Nakilat
CBQK التجاري ب Commecial B
MERS الميرة Al Meera
QNNS الملاحة Navigation
QIIK الدولي ب QIIB
DHBK الدوحة ب Doha B
UDCD المتحدة United Dev
QIGD مستثمرين Investors
GISS الخليج د Gulf Inter
VFQS فودافون Vodafone
MCGS الرعاية Medicare
QFBQ بنك قطر الأول Frist Bank QFC
ZHCD زاد Zad
WDAM ودام Widam
QNCD قطر للأسمنت Q Cement
QIMD التحويلية Ind.Manf Co
QGMD الطبية Qatar German Med
QATR صندوق وحدات الريان QATR
MRDS مزايا Mazaya
IHGS الاسلامية للأوراق المالية Islamic Hol
GWCS المخازن Warehousing
DBIS دلالة Dalala
AHCS أعمال Aamal
MPHC مسيعيد Mesaied
QFLS وقود Qatar Fuel
NLCS الإجـارة Nat.Leasing
QATI قطر ت Qatar Ins
QETF صندوق المؤشر QETF
ERES إزدان Ezdan
SIIS السلام Salam
QISI الإسلامية ت Islamic Ins
QOIS قطر عمان Qatar&Oman
AKHI خليج ت Khaleej Ins

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