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Link your account in the bank to your account at The Group and take advantage of transferring between the two accounts in real time.

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The Group is always looking for the best ways for the convenience of the client. For that, Sahl program was developed for electronic transfers to save time and effort. So, what is Sahl??

By this program, the execution of deposit and withdrawal orders is done electronically from the client’s account at The Group to his account at the bank, or vice versa; the client does not sustain the hardship of going to a bank or attendance to The Group. Execution depends on phone orders issued by the client from his mobile phone registered at The Group or by going to The Group website or by using The Group Mobile Program.

Activating the service

For activating the service and taking advantage of Sahl services for QIB & CBQK, please visit one of The Group branches.

Customers accounts' numbers at QNB can be recorded by a phone call from the customer to The Group call center , after that the customer can transfer his/her balance from The Group to QNB through The Group Call Center (The Group Tadawul) or through The Group website (The Group Net) or through (The Group Mobile) system using the client phone number registered at The Group. The customer can also transfer from his account at QNB to his/her account at The Group through QNB- Internet Banking System.

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