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The Group Online trading platform ( The Group Net ) provides the investors online trading through The Group site http://www.thegroup.com.qa , Investors could place buy and sell orders at any time, with the ability to modify or cancel orders, unless the order is already executed. The Group would submit orders electronically direct to Qatar Exchange trading engine UTP. The investor can also watch the real-time market data. Once an order is executed , the investor receives a text message on his mobile phone summarizing the data of the deal which appear also on orders page on The Group Net.

  • Watch live market data
  • Place orders
  • Statement of Account
  • Portfolio
  • SAHL system to transfer money between investor account at The Group and his bank account .
  • Economic news and reports
  • Technical analysis and indicators

The client can use the system through any normal PC device (Windows, Mac os) or Tablets (IPAD, Samsung Galaxy, Sony and others) or smart phones (Iphone, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, etc.) whether operating is IOS, windows or Android system.

The client can log into The Group Net using any Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera)

How to start?

In order to log into his/her electronic trading account via The Group Net, the client must use his/her password in order to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of his/her accounts.

When a client opens an account at The Group, his/her password shall automatically be sent to his/ her phone number which was registered at The Group at the time of opening the account. In the event of changing the mobile number, the client can request a new password by one of the following ways :

  • For customers of Ooredoo inside Qatar:
    The client sends a blank message to the No: 92609 using the mobile number registered at The Group and he/she will receive an instant message with the new password as follows:
    Account No.
    Online trading:
  • A client can also contact The Group Call Center (The Group Tadawul) on phone No. 44 487 666 using the phone number registered at The Group and a new password shall be sent to him/her.
Allows our clients to trade online via mobile phone.
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